Exchange cryptocurrency
at the best rate


The website might be designed neatly, but without looking at their FAQ’s, it is nearly impossible to learn how to purchase coins properly. For all the available 35 currencies available, you are able to purchase using the same process below.

  1. Create an account with and log in. Select the currency you want to exchange on the left and the currency you want to buy on the right and click Next.
  2. Check the amount of the transaction. Check if you are exchanging the correct amount, correct currency and how much you are going to get from the transaction.
  3. After checking everything is in order, you need to specify the recipient’s address. In this case, put in your wallet address for the currency that you are exchanging.
  4. At this point, please do check if everything is at its place as all transactions are not reversible. Check if the amount you want to exchange is correct. Please do note that due to the turnover time, the amount that you see at this stage is just an estimate and you will be getting more or less depending on the exact exchange rate at the time the funds will be transferred.
  5. At this point, your transaction should have been created. Below the transaction page, you will see a QR code and a wallet address. This wallet address is where you should send the payment at for the exchange to be paid and processed. Once the money is received on the provided wallet address, the purchased currency should be sent to the address that you provided in step 3, which is your receiving address.
  6. To track your transaction, all you need to do is go to your transaction history and everything can be viewed here. In most cases, a transaction would take 5-30 minutes.
  7. When a transaction is successful, you will get a receipt and a transaction hash to prove the transaction was made.