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What is the Komodo Platform?

Komodo is Money

We are developing an open financial infrastructure that will form a base for a digital economy where KOMODO will play a central role as currency.

Komodo is Fuel

KMD coins are the fuel for our platform. The developed decentralized applications and Komodo services may require KOMODO. As such, the coins will enjoy growing demand.

Komodo is Gateway

KOMODO is also a gateway into other financial assets, such as national KOMODO currencies. Also, other coins will be trading against KMD or many other coins in a new decentralized exchange.

Community Guidelines

Keep posts in relation to Komodo

Posts should be useful and spark discussion

Keep discussions fair and respectful

No misleading titles

If your post can be categorized, use brackets to indicate it in the beginning of your title. For example: [Support] for wallet related posts, [Question], etc.

Posts that attempt to spread FUD, price manipulation, etc. are subject to removal.

Do not broadcast personal information, including your own personal trades.