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KryptoWar the Blockchain based game where you can build up your armies and attack other players on the blockchain





KryptoWar is the first war games based on the Ethereum Blockchain. With KryptoWar you can own one of the 100 armies that have been created for this Smart Contract (only one person in the world will be able to own its country).

What can I do with my KryptoArmy?

There are multiple things you can do with your KryptoArmy, you can improve it by purchasing more soldiers or some new weapons, you can battle other armies or you can sell it to another player on our marketplace (for the price of your choice).

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How can I purchase a KryptoArmy?

You can visit our marketplace to explore the KryptoArmies available. If all of the KryptoArmies have been purchased we encourage you to sign up to our newsletter to be the first to know when a new KryptoArmy is available on the marketplace. Check out the countries that are still available for sale.

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How battles between two KryptoArmies work?

Users can decide to attack another army to gain some experience. The winning army of the battle will be picked according to multiple factors like the number of soldiers, the attack and defense bonus of the armies as well as some random elements. The winning army will gain XP points (very useful to climb our ranking).

Why do I need Metamask?

All of the transactions between your account and our Smart Contract are handled by Metamask. You won’t be able to use KryptoWar if you haven’t installed the Metamask extension.

How can I sell my army?

To sell your army, simply go to its dedicated page and you should see a “SELL MY ARMY” button. Click on it, select your price (in ETH) and your army will be listed on the marketplace! If/when another user purchase your army, we will keep a commission of 10% and transfer to your address 85% of the amount paid by the other user.
Do you have any other questions?

Feel free to contact us at [email protected]

How can my army gain levels?

Levels depends entirely on the experience points (XP) of your army. As an example, level 1 is given to armies with more than 50 XP.

How can I purchase certifications?

If you own a level 1 army, you can purchase certifications on your army page. There is a section called “Certifications”. You simply have to click on the certification you want to purchase and select which school you want to purchase your certification from.

How do factories work?

Come and purchase your own factories to sell weapons to other armies. Let’s say that you purchase a plane factory and decide to sell your planes for 0.1 ETH. When users will click on the “purchase plane” button, they will see all of the plane factories available and will be able to decide from which factory they want to purchase.

For every purchase, we transfer 90% of the amount paid to your address and 10% toward our affiliate system.

Players need a level 1 army and an engineer certification to purchase factories.

How do schools work?

Players can now purchase schools to sell certifications to other armies. Certifications are necessary to purchase factories or schools. We have two types of certifications:

Teacher: Teacher’s certifications are required for users who want to purchase a school.
Engineering: The engineer certification is required to purchase a factory

Let’s say that you purchase an engineering school and decide to sell your certifications for 0.1 ETH. When users will click on the “purchase certification” button, they will see all of the schools available and will be able to decide from which school they want to purchase their certification.

For every purchase, we transfer 90% of the amount paid to your address and 10% toward our affiliate system.

Players need a level 1 army and an teacher certification to purchase schools.
How many armies and schools can be purchased?

We are limiting the number of schools and factories that can be purchase to make sure that the number of factories/schools on the market fits the actual demand from armies. The maximum number of factories and schools available to purchase will evolve regularly.

Ive been playing this game for 2 days and really like it. So far ive managed to raise the biggest army, have the least amount of losses and am sitting in 1st place for overall experience. I have learned alot on this game and have found many tricks to it. If you would like to join me and some of the other seasoned warriors to talk about KryptoWar Sign up to the Discord Chat here.

With only 100 armies total in the game it is very limited on how many people can play, so if you want to give it a try its best to get in now when there is still armies available. This game is only 3 days old and with plans to release even more features in the future this game will only get more interesting.



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