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What is Lisk?

Lisk is an open sourced blockchain platform that will enable developers to build decentralized blockchain-based applications in JavaScript. With Lisk, developers may build blockchain applications which utilize their own sidechain interlinked to the Lisk platform. Thanks to the scalability and flexibility of sidechains, developers can implement and customize their blockchain applications entirely. Lisk is a non-profit organization, founded in 2016 by Max Kordek and Oliver Beddows.

Lisk Foundation

  • Max Kordek (Co-Founder, CEO)
  • Oliver Beddows (Co-Founder, CTO)
  • Guido Schmitz-Krummacher (Legal, Financials)

Who is building Lisk?

How to get involved?

Become an active community member and help promote Lisk. Message the moderators or join us on Lisk.Chat to get in touch with questions, feedback, or ideas for us.

Getting Started

Helpful Reddit Threads

Need Help from LiskHQ?

Official Resources

Resources for Developers

Are you a business or entrepreneur?

Please send a message for collaboration or if you need further info.


Lisk Nano, the Official Lisk Wallet

Lisk Blockchain Explorer

Allows you to easily search current activity on our blockchain, which includes everything from the current number of connected peers, data on active delegates, as well as top accounts (and their respective balances).