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What is NEO?


  1. Where can i find (not-so-technical) background information on NEO/AntShares? How is it different? What issues does it solve?
  2. How to speedup the windows wallet sync?
  3. How to use the desktop wallet?
  4. I withdrew my NEO from an exchange but they are not showing up in my desktop wallet
    • A1: Stay calm. Currently there are plenty reasons why this could be the case. The most likely ones: Wallet not synced (see sync speedup FAQ), corrupted DB (try rebuilding index via wallet menu), firewall prevents sync (grant wallet access in windows firewall). Try to re-install the client or switch to another wallet (e.g. NEO web or OTCGO web). A more user-friendly light weighted wallet is on the way (CoZ Electron Wallet). To be reassured that your assets are safe, use one of the block explorer (side-bar) and enter your public address.
  5. I imported my web wallet to the desktop wallet using the private key (WIF) but balance shows 0?
    • A1: See 4.
  6. How to claim GAS (former Antcoins)?
  7. Do i have to keep the wallet(s) open in order to gain GAS?
    • A1: No. The moment you moved NEO away from exchanges you will generate GAS ( does credit GAS as well, no moving necessary) Use one of the GAS calculators in the side bar to calculate GAS.
  8. How to buy GAS (former AntCoins) on 19800?
  9. I just want to buy&hold – how to go about it?
    • A1: Buy NEO/GAS from one of the exchanges listed in the side-bar. Generate a paper wallet (see sidebar) and move your NEO to the generated address. Keep a copy of the paper wallet!
  10. How to import wallet from web client into the desktop client?
  11. How does NEOs dBFT consensus mechanism work?
  12. How does NEOs dBFT compare to Ethereums PoS consensus mechanism?
  13. The NEO team holds 50M NEO, will this cause inflation?
  14. Is there a fee for transactions?
    • A1: No – sending NEO is free. Only some exchanges (e.g. bittrex UPDATE) charge this fee on their end.
  15. How can i request exchanges to add NEO?