Paypal is scared of Cryptos


The letter you will receive if you buy / sell cryptos with paypal


Hello xxxxx,

We are writing to you in regards to your PayPal Account.

PayPal appreciates that you have chosen us to accept payments for your business. A periodic review of your account shows that you are cryptocurrency trading using PayPal.

However, unfortunately we have determined there to be excessive risk involved with the business model that you engaged in using PayPal. While we wish you the best of success in your future business endeavors, we respectfully ask that you seek another method of payment for the online business.

Your remaining balance will be held in your PayPal account for 180 days from the date your account was limited. After 180 days, you will be notified via email with information on how to receive your remaining funds.

We deeply regret any inconvenience this matter may cause you.

Sincerely, PayPal Compliance Department PayPal

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