Samourai wallet review

The biggest benefit is You control your private keys


They claim to be a modern bitcoin wallet hand forged to keep your transactions private, your identity masked, and your funds secure.


  • Military Grade Encryption – Samourai is encrypted on the phone using AES-256 encryption.
  • Strong Default Protection with BIP 44 and BIP 39 – Samourai enforces a BIP 39 passphrase on wallet creation, hardening the security of your wallet right out of the gate.
  • Secure PIN Login – Use a 5-8 digit PIN to access your wallet. PIN screen is randomized on every load to thwart screen recording spyware.
  • You control your private keys – Private keys are created and stored on your device and are never communicated with any server or anyone.
  • Certificate Pinning – Protects HTTPS websites from impersonation using fraudulent certificates issued by compromised certificate authorities.


  • No address reuse – Samourai never reuses addresses, never leaking valuable metadata about you and your purchase habits.
  • Randomized change outputs – Samourai is the only wallet to randomize the number of change outputs for each send, making gathering wallet address metadata more difficult.
  • Deterministic inputs/outputs positioning – Samourai positions the inputs/outputs of each transaction deterministically after a send, decreasing the effectiveness of block chain snooping
  • Avoid linking previous change outputs – Samourai parses all previous transactions before building a new transaction to make sure it isn’t leaking valuable metadata about your and your wallet
  • Tor and VPN Support – Samourai is enabled with Tor and VPN support allowing you the ability to route all transactions through an anonymous IP address.


Extra Features

  • Bitcoin Network Health Monitoring – Samourai actively monitors the condition of Bitcoin Network alerting you when transactions may confirm slower and informing you of the current required miner fee for quick transaction confirmation.
  • Send in your favorite currency – Instant currency conversion makes it easier to send Bitcoin.
  • Smart Miner Fees – Samourai offers three different miner fee profiles: Auto to use our smart fee detection algorithm, Priority during times of network stress to ensure quick confirmations, Custom to set a fee of your own choice.
  • Block Chain Obfuscation – Samourai offers three different presets that provide varying levels of obfuscations: Simple to send a basic HD transaction with no added obfuscation, Samourai Send to send a transaction that uses decoy change addresses, CoinJoin Simulation to send a transaction that is indistinguishable from a CoinJoin transaction on the block chain.
  • Export your wallet anywhere, anytime – You may export your wallet to any Bitcoin wallet than follows BIP 39,44 specifications.
  • Restore any HD wallet – You may restore an existing HD wallet from any wallet provider with or without a BIP 39 passphrase
  • Choose your fiat currency – View transactions and make sends in your local fiat currency.
  • Choose your favorite Bitcoin unit – BTC, mBTC, bits, It is up to you
  • Choose your favorite Block Explorer – Most popular block explorers are available to view transactions on the web

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It is evident the Samourai Wallet team is focusing doing a few things well. Security and privacy are the two main priorities for the developers, even though they still make their wallet solution easy to use. Finding that balance between security, privacy, and convenience is not easy, but Samourai Wallet checks the right boxes with their alpha client.

Having your bitcoin wallet encrypted with AES-256 encryption is a good start. Considering how criminals often target mobile devices to steal information and money, keeping bitcoin funds safe is of the utmost importance. The wallet also enforces a BIP 39 passphrase when the user created a wallet, ensuring no information regarding this process can fall into the wrong hands. Samourai Wallet also supports multi-account Hierarchical Deterministic Wallets through the BIP44integration.

Putting the user in full control over their private keys is another great feature provided by Samourai Wallet. All private keys are created and stored on the device itself and will never be communicated with the servers or users. Even the developers don’t know the private key of wallet addresses generated through their application. Last but not least, users can set up a 5-8 digit PIN to access the wallet. Every PIN screen is randomized to combat screen recording spyware.

On the privacy front, things are heading in the right direction. Samourai Wallet ensures there is no address reuse, and it randomizes the number of change outputs for every individual transaction. Moreover, the wallet position inputs and outputs of every transaction in a deterministic fashion, which reduces the success chance of blockchain analysis. More importantly, Samourai Wallet offers support for Tor and VPN connections, which allows users to retain a certain level of anonymity while using this wallet. The option to enable blockchain obfuscation to make transactions untraceable is a very nice feature as well.

As one would expect, the Samourai Wallet has some extra features as well. The wallet monitors the condition of the bitcoin network, which can be extremely useful to determine whether or not network congestion can become a problem. The “smart fee” function will be of great help in this regard as well. There is also an instant currency conversion feature, although that can be found in most bitcoin wallet solutions these days.

In the end, the Samourai Wallet is quite a powerful mobile solution for bitcoin holders. It offers security and privacy features, yet it does not swarm novice users with features they do not need or want. The wallet is rather easy to use, although it is important to keep in mind Samourai Wallet is still in the alpha stage of development. Its Android branch of development can be found on GitHub, as that is the only platform the wallet is available for right now. It will be interesting to see how this wallet evolves in the coming months, but for now, it is well worth giving a try.

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