The scams on facebook

The scams on facebook always suprise me how obvious they are… but also how dangerous they are for people who dont know.


There are at least 4 grammatical errors and the quality of the “news banner” on the image is pretty MS Paint looking. It’s also extremely clickbait-y for a Sponsored post. I don’t have to know anything about Bitcoin or whatever industry this ad is for, I can tell it’s not worth my click. (A good portion of this applies to native English speakers, at least)

Knowledge is tied with intelligence. If you’ve been on the internet for a while, it’s pretty clear what’s a scam and what isn’t. If you haven’t learned from 1000+ hours of browsing Facebook, you’re probably not very smart, and could be duped by something like this. The real proof of a lack of critical thinking would be their decision making after clicking the banner and deciding to go through with investing in whatever the website says, because if their sponsored ad is this cheap, I’d bet their website is even worse.



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