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What is VeChain?

VeChain’s vision:

Building a trust-free and distributed business ecosystem to enable transparent information flow, efficient collaboration, and high speed value transferring. (VeChain is Much more than anti-counterfeiting)

VeChain Non-White Paper (Please please please read it, you’ll get the whole picture)

VeChain Official Site (Click upper right corner to switch to English)

VeChain CEO Sunny LU Q&A

Shanghai Office

Hello from Sunny, Noah and Shanghai developer team! (40+ people!)

A quick tour of #VeChain Shanghai office

Pics of #VeChain’s first meetup @Shanghai office


Breyer Capital has agreed to support VeChain through an official advisory role

VeChain has passed the first Cryptocurrency Disaster Recovery Plan (CDRP)

VeChain Work with National Level Government Body State Tobacco Monopoly Administration

Part II: VeChain CEO, Sunny Lu’s Silicon Valley Live Blockchain Lecture

VeChain THOR Power Forged AMA Transcript

VeChain Apotheosis: The Beginning!!!!!!

VeChain Announces a joint partnership with @QUOINE and listed on QRYPTOS

10 global senior partners from #PwC visited #VeChain Shanghai Office

VeChain Financial Executive Report Vol.1

Youtube Videos

Vechain (VEN) in a Nutshell

Boxmining Daily: Biggest Bubble Ever? (Mentioned Gui’an SEZ potential enormous long term influences)

Boxmining: Vechain (VEN) discussion with Suppoman

Vechain / VEN – Blockchain Solutions For Logistics and Counterfeiting

Koreanjewtrading: Vechain ( VEN ) Re-brands to Thor (VET) , Masternodes, New Partnerships, Moon coming?

Coin Contenders: VeChain ( $VEN ) bigger than Walton, Neo, Qtum?

Undervalued Cryptocurrencies: Vechain (VEN) – YouTube

Press Coverage

Jerome Grilleres (EU GM) talking with Cointelegraph about VeChain!

BlockShow Asia Reveals: How VeChain Will Change Luxury Market

Blockchain is shaking up O2O in China review on VeChain

Blockchain is revolutionizing the business world… Bussiness Insider

The Rowlingstone Weekly Report

Hands On

VeChain Shanghai Office Tour

When VeChain meets Recolte – YouTube

How to use VeChain App to verify authenticity of products? – YouTube

VeChain Smartchip Automation Workstation

VeChain Android App

VeChain iOS App

Business Clients & Partnership

Breyer Capital as an official advisor

Fanghuwang, one of the fastest growing online lending platforms in China with $3.3bn AUM VeChain’s National Level Partnership

Hubei Sanxin Cultural Media Ltd.


Healthcare Co. Ltd

Xiamen Innov Information Technology Co Ltd

A Global Convenience Store Franchise

Looking Into Who Is Jiangsu Printed Electronics

VeChain teams up with Madeforgoods | CN press release

VeChain affirms partnership with China Unicom

Global strategic cooperation with DNV GL

Groupe Renault teams with Microsoft and…

World’s Largest Freight Company to Use Blockchain Tech for Asset Management

PwC CN: VeChain S.E.A. becomes a portfolio company of PwC’s incubation…

Babyghost and VeChain: Fashion on the Blockchain –

China’s Largest Wine Importer Wants to Place Wine on a Private Blockchain

Bright Fishery (officially announced in weekly report vol.6)


The liquor tracing platform VeChain developed for…D.I.G is sponsored by the Shanghai local government

The General Office of the State Council of China has publicly released “The instruction on…supply chain innovation


VEN Circulating Supply Statement

VeChain’s 277 million circulating supply…

VeChain Insights

Fan Made Review

VeChain Thor Is Positioning to Become THE #1 Enterprise dApp Platform, and Here’s Why – A Systems Analyst’s Perspective

The VeChain Partnerships Infographic

VeChain Node Predictions

VeChain Review by Anthonie Verweij

Partner Analysis

A look at DNV GL, the best partner in Crypto

A Deeper Dive Into VeChain Masternodes!

The World Leader Kuehne & Nagel and its partnership with VeChain

PwC is an exponential force in VeChains global appeal

Why VeChain Can Break Into A $30+ Billion Industry And Be A Smart Agriculture Giant

BABYGHOST, FashTech, and VeChain

VeChain and Direct Imported Goods (DIG)

Why is QRYPTO a good thing for VEN?