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What is the difference between Veritaseum and Veritas?

Veritaseum is the name of the company that issued a token called Veritas (Veritaseum coin).

Is Veritas a form of investment? And why is that?

Veritas is not an investment, it’s software. The Company cannot prevent others from speculating on VERI (Veritaseum coin).

Why is Veritaseum’s market capitalization so undervalued? And is that correct?

Coinmarketcap determines the market capitalization with the “circulating supply” and evaluates it as the alleged total supply. Your preferred method of calculation will determine whether this number is evaluated correctly. In addition, the company does not feel as undervalued as many people think. In this sense, market capitalization is not the same as market valuation. The valuation is much more focused and based on a more rigorous approach than the multiplication of two numbers.

How dependent is Veritaseum on Ether-Blockchain with its P2P platform?

Veritaseum’s products are not dependent on a blockchain, as they can be moved to different blockchains. It is claimed that some engineering efforts will be required to switch between the block chains. We see that most new blockchains are designed to be backward compatible with Ethereum applications.